Monthy Favourites January 2017

Monthly Favourites January 2017 -

Monthly Favourites January 2017

Hi everyone!  Can you believe that we are over a month past Christmas?  Where did January fly?  Are you counting down the days until Spring?  Summer?  Looking at your warm weather wardrobe?  I may be just a tiny tiny bit, but can you blame me with all this cold weather we’ve been having?  We have been going through a super cold spurt – like minus 25 degrees with the wind chill.  I swear, I’m not built for this.  Bundle me up nice and warm, ya know?  On the positive side, at least with the cold weather we can stay inside all cozy and eat all the comfort food 🙂 Anyway, let’s get to it. Let’s have a look at what’s been going on around here this past month! Continue reading

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