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Hi there!!   Are ya hungry?  You’re bound to find a yummy recipe here! Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by & check out my site! My name is Dawn and I’m a girl that hearts food.  I live in Newfoundland with my best friend (who happens to be my hubby) and our furry child who keeps us on our toes.  There’s always something delicious cooking in our home ’cause we love to cook and eat.  I’m seriously starting to think the reason I work out is so I can eat so much.  Good trade off, though, don’t ya think??

From one meal to the next, I’m always thinking about what the next meal will be. I didn’t always cook as much as I do now, but I’ve always enjoyed eating 🙂 Who doesn’t…especially when it’s good, simple food made from scratch.

Food – A Love Story

My love of cooking has grown so much over the years.  It started out from watching a lot of The Food Network and old Julia Child shows on PBS.

One of my favourite quotes by Julia Child is ‘If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.’  That one always puts a smile on my face!

Gradually, I subscribed to my favourite magazine subscriptions and got myself more and more in the kitchen.  There was certainly a lot of trial and error (especially in the beginning) but, like with anything, the more you practice, the better you get.  I am really relaxed in the kitchen and love that when I’m focused on a recipe or just making something off the cuff, everything is so chill.   There’s nothing more rewarding than completing a dish and then serving it to family and friends.  Makes me truly happy.


I’ve come a long way from when I first started cooking, but it is all a learning process and having fun along the way. The main thing is don’t stop cooking and just enjoy yourself!  Remember, everything doesn’t have to be perfect and that’s perfectly ok! If you make lumpy gravy, grab your immersion blender and blitz that baby out!


On girlheartfood.com you will find a balanced mixture of health conscious dishes all the way to pure decadence.  I’m all about moderation (even moderation).  You want to have a balance, right?  Exercise, eat healthy most times, and if you want a piece of cake, eat the freaking piece of cake! So, come on, pin your hair back, grab a cute apron and let’s get cooking! 

A Little About Me – the Weird, the Odd, & the Funny

I’ve embraced my quirks and you should do; it’s what makes each of us special, ya know? So, 10 little factoids about little ol’ me –

  • I love the smell of garlic on my hands after I’ve chopped it
  • I always have my toenails painted
  • If I get shell in my eggs, I might just pass out; ok, not pass out, but be seriously disgusted
  • My favourite colour is pink
  • I’m obsessed with socks with food on them
  • I live in comfy clothes on the weekend…read yoga pants, oversized tops and comfy slippers
  • I love little serving dishes; my collection is out of control right now
  • I don’t have a tattoo, but if I did, it would probably be a stick of butter
  • I can’t use chop sticks and I so badly want to
  • My favourite season is fall – hello comfort food, tall boats, and the crispness in the air


Don’t forget to subscribe to stay in the loop on my latest posts. You don’t want FOMO, do you? I recently learned that one – aka ‘Fear of Missing Out.’.  Too funny 😀

Thanks so much & happy cooking!

P.S.  That’s me and little fur baby down below.  You may see him around here every so often – he loves food as much as I do, so that’s sayin’ something 😉

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