Things I’ve Learned Being a Food Blogger {the good, the bad & the funny}

Things I've Learned Being a Food Blogger {the good, the bad & the funny} -

Things I’ve Learned Being a Food Blogger

{the good, the bad & the funny}

Hey guys!  Real talk.  Let’s get serious for a hot minute, ok?  Ok, not that serious, but  I’m bringing you something a little different today.  Mixing this whole posting thing up, ya know?  I haven’t been blogging for a huge amount of time, but long enough where I can share a few tidbits of info with you guys.

You may be thinking ‘But, Dawn, I’m not a food blogger; why would I even care?’  Wellllll, first of all hopefully you like me and you like reading my stuff or maybe you will find this half entertaining or, at the very least, a way to spend 10 minutes while you drink your morning coffee before you have to haul yourself out the door.  Really selling it here, aren’t I?  And, positive note,  if you don’t find it entertaining, well I guess you can laugh at me.  No, don’t do that 😉 Continue reading

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Christmas Wishes/Thank-you

So here we are!  It’s unreal that tomorrow’s Christmas eve, isn’t it?!  I love this time of year! LOVE it!  Everyone is a little more happy, a little more giving, and a little more loving. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that lasted the whole year through?

So what am I going to do over the holidays?  I know one thing is for sure…I’m going to enjoy myself!   I’m going to visit family and friends and have them over.   I’m  also going to relax, spend lots of time by the fireplace, candles on, snacks out and wine in hand with hubby and our furry child (probably wearing the special Christmas onesie I recently bought).  Yeap, a nice red reindeer onesie!  Talk about comfort, lol 😉 !

Thank-you all from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you for your support of my little food blog.  It truly means a lot to share my love of food, recipes, and silly stories with you.  This holiday season I wish that  you get to spend lots of time with family and friends, eat lots of delicious food and enjoy everything good that the season brings.  I wish all of you a very happy holiday, Merry Christmas and the best of health and happiness in the New Year.  Looking forward to sharing delicious new recipes with you guys soon 🙂

‘Til 2016, take care.


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It’s Friday!

Friday!!  For many people, whether you have the weekends off or not, Friday typically evokes a positive emotional reaction.  Dare I say, you have a feeling of coming alive! There’s even an extra pop in people’s step – maybe, shall I say, skip?!

After all week, you can come home, kick back, and soak in the weekend.  Rain or shine – who cares?  It’s freaking Friday, right?!  More times than not, for me, it’s a comfy kinda clothes day.  I get home, throw on some leggings and some stupid goofy socks,  pin my hair back and chill with the hubby and our furry child.  We usually have some pickies for supper and have a glass, or two, of wine.  We watch some Netflix and totally unwind.  Woo hoo, we made it!  No sarcasm here; I’m totally being serious, like I love Friday!  If you say you don’t like Friday, I don’t believe you 🙂

As happy as Friday makes me,  and it is nice to look forward to, we should all learn to enjoy every day & appreciate the small things.     Live in the moment instead of always looking to the next thing.  Compliment buddy in the line next to you, say thank-you, smile, you get the picture. Sometimes, it’s hard to do, but at the end of the day, you’ll simply feel a lot better ‘being present’ in life than being a contrary pants and just going through the motions day after day.

Anyhow, I’ve got to go now – I’ve got big big plans & they involve pizza, my best bud & furry son and I love that. What are your plans? Have a super wicked weekend & even better Monday!  You got this!



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Nostalgia – That Little Bugger

A few years ago, my younger brother & I were reminiscing about our childhood, as siblings often do.  We were telling little stories and remembering things we may have forgotten, having a laugh.  Out of the blue, my brother says ‘Nostalgia clouds your judgement; nothing is ever as good as you remember.’  I thought this was so funny and jaded for someone so young and had to write this down and I’ve never let him forget that he said that.  Every once in a while, I’ll repeat this phrase to him; I’m thinking about getting a t-shirt made for him. Yeah, got to get on that…been saying it for three years now. Note to self – possible Christmas gift (hope brother isn’t reading this).

Anyway, just last weekend, hubby & I were at the grocery store and I came across beef bones with the bone marrow in them. Delighted I was, I tells ya!  When I was a kid, weirdly enough, I absolutely loved bone marrow.  I mean, what’s up with that?!  Though, I did like some strange things – pickled mussels, pickled eggs, pickled cow’s tongues (I mean, ewwwwww)…wouldn’t touch the latter now.  Being all nostalgic, I was telling hubby about my love for bone marrow and how I would go right for it if we had a beef roast for supper when I was younger.  So, obvi, I bought a  pack of the bones and roasted a couple of them in a cast iron pan that weekend.  Oh man, I couldn’t wait.  I was like a child on Christmas morning.

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A Girl’s Gotta Eat

Oh boy, do I love to eat.   More specifically, I love to eat GOOD food.  Now, I’m not necessarily talking about healthy food all the time, just honest to goodness REAL food.

I also love everything involved with what goes on right before shoving the food into my piehole – buying groceries and cooking.

It’s such an Continue reading

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