Monthly Favourites for April 2017

Monthly Favourites for April 2017 -

~ Monthly Favourites for April 2017 ~

What’s up everyone?  How has this past month treated you?  Are you seeing any signs of spring where you are? Any flowers sprouting?  Herbs growing?  Our chives and thyme in our little garden are starting to come up. Yay for that!  I’ve officially broke out my spring shoes and jackets.  Those winter ones are put away and I don’t care if we have a snow storm – they are not coming out again until winter.  No sir.  Well, without further adieu, let’s move on with it and get to the good stuff!


Chili Pasta Bake – Chili meets pasta in this one pot recipe.  Perfect switch up for game night instead of pizza or nachos!

Chili Pasta Bake {One Pot Dinner} -

Mini Egg Chocolate Bundt Cake – When you’re not stuffing your face with all that leftover Easter candy, make this!

Mini Egg Chocolate Bundt Cake -

Easy Homemade Roasted Almond Butter– TWO freakin’ ingredients and homemade almond butter – you’ll be eating this stuff straight up!

Easy Homemade Roasted Almond Butter {paleo, gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free & only 2 ingredients}

Blackberry Coconut Smoothie– 5 ingredients & less than 5 minutes–> Helloooooo b fast!

Blackberry Coconut Smoothie {vegan, gluten free}-

Grilled Cheese with Heidi, Pear and Caramelized Onions – a twist on a classic!  Plus, this is my very first sponsored post! So exciting!Grilled Cheese with Heidi, Pear and Caramelized Onions -


How to Make Gravlax (Vodka Cured Salmon) from No Spoon Necessary (pictured below & photo credit) –  this is the stuff brunch dreams are made of.  All you need is cream cheese, bagel and a big pot of coffee and you are set, my friends!

Slow Cooker Beer Braised Beef Brisket Tacos with Chipotle Slaw from Beer Girl Cooks (pictured below and photo credit) – Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and these would be perfect.  Beer or pitcher of margaritas to go with and now you’re talking!

As you can tell from my Easy Homemade Roasted Almond Butter I am totally into nut butters lately.  If you aren’t into making your own, you should try this one that I picked up at Costco (SO good). It’s made with a whole wack of nuts; I see a homemade version of this one in my future.  Keep dem little peepers opened.Monthly Favourites April 2017 -

Hubby picked me up the best flowers/plant eva!  It’s lavender.  And it’s for decorative use, but also for culinary use (cause it specifically has to say that)  Yay!! Can’t wait to use it.  And isn’t that rustic planter so preeeeety? This will definitely go to good use in the kitchen.  Woot woot!

Monthly Favourites April 2017 -


Iron Chef America is back!!  It’s called Iron Chef Gaunlet.  Did you guys watch that one way back when?  It’s a cooking show whereby super talented chefs have to prepare a feast in 60 minutes.  I’m sweating just thinking about it!

Fargo is back for season 3.  So far it seems like an independent season, meaning you don’t necessarily have to see the previous seasons, but I’m not far enough into it yet to tell.  The first two seasons didn’t disappoint so fingers crossed for another awesome one!


Have you guys watched Guardians of the Galaxy??  I could literally watch that movie 100 times and probably not tire of it.  They are releasing the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 this week and you know hubby and I are going to see it (more on that when we do).  Anywho, they have already released the sound track to the movie and it is awesome.  I downloaded it on iTunes and highly recommend it!  The soundtrack to the first movie is really great too!  There are a lot of songs from the 70’s that you may not hear a lot on mainstream radio these days.  One of my favourites is ‘Fooled Around and Feel in Love’ by Elvin Bishop.

‘Issues’ by Julia Michaels is a new song playing a lot lately.  Love the tone of this singers voice!  This song is playing pretty regularly on main stream radio; ain’t tired of it yet!


I just read in a recent issue of Food Network Magazine that scientists recently uncovered a couple of fossilized tomatillos that are over 50 million years old, meaning that it’s 5 times older than they originally thought.  Crazy, huh??

You know that I have a little big obsession with cute socks?  Well, that also covers cute slippers.  Check out these adorable bunny ones (oh, and don’t laugh at my polka dot jammies)—>

Monthly Favourites April 2017 -

Hubby and I visited family in the town where we grew up and drove past the place where we had our wedding pics taken way back when.  We were standing on those rocks and got some great shots? How gorgeous is this??

Monthly Favourites April 2017 -

Until next time, take care and have an awesome week, you guys! Monday is rough, but I don’t think this little guy cares too much.

Monthly Favourites for April 2017 -

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Monthly Favourites for April 2017.

Until next time, take care and chit chat again soon!


P.S. If you missed my last Monthly Favourites, you can check it out here.  And stay tuned for another tasty recipe later this week!

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26 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites for April 2017

  1. Michelle | The Secret Ingredient Is says:

    Love your monthly favorites! So pumped Iron Gauntlet is on – I have to catch up on this week’s episode, so we will have to discuss after. But I’m semi-convinced Iron Chef was one of the reasons I fell in love with cooking so long ago. Also – I’ve been thinking about getting a lavender plant (they are my favorites!) and you just convinced me it would be a good idea. Have a great week!
    Michelle | The Secret Ingredient Is recently posted…Farro Bowl with Crispy Chickpeas & ShrimpMy Profile

  2. Marissa says:

    So much awesome here – you made me LOL describing that Costco nut butter being filled with a ‘whole wack of nuts.’ Love your cute pooch doing what a dog should do on a Monday. And Guardians of the Galaxy – loved it! Can’t wait to see part 2. 🙂
    Marissa recently posted…Kale Caesar SaladMy Profile

    • Girl Heart Food says:

      Hehehe 😉 I wish I could cuddle in like fur baby, lol 😀 I have high hopes for part 2 of the movie – I hope it delivers! Thanks, my friend! Cheers to a great week!

  3. Jolina says:

    Oh I do love your monthly favourites. Have I said that already? 5 times maybe? LOL! I cannot believe it’s May (FIVE MONTHS into 2017). April was OK, though today is seriously gloomy and depressing. I wanted to make your homemade almond butter the first I saw that post but Red said we should finish the almond butter we picked up from Costco first. Kitchen police, much??? Love the bunny slippers! I used to have a bumble bee one haha. Hope you’re having a lovely Monday!

    • Girl Heart Food says:

      Haha! Well, I never tire of hearing it 😉 I can’t believe we are into May too and before we know it Costco will have Christmas stuff out (which is usually July – WHAT- did I just say that?!) Hubby is like the kitchen police too, lol 😀 Nope, we do not need another bottle or jar of such and such….#bloglife 😉 Bumble bee slippers? How cute are those? Thanks so much Jolina! Have an awesome week 🙂

  4. Nicoletta @sugarlovespices says:

    Beautiful summary of April, which went fast and had no signs of spring where we live. Really looking forward to May and warmer days so I can make your gorgeous blackberry coconut smoothie (I don’t do smoothies when it’s cold 😉).

  5. Rachelle @ Beer Girl Cooks says:

    I can’t believe it’s May already! I want some of those adorable bunny slippers and that view frome the rocks where you got hitched is beautiful! Cheers to spring shoes and jackets! Thanks so much for including my tacos! ❤️

  6. karrie @ Tasty Ever After says:

    Yes to all these recipes!!! April was a damn good month girl! 😉 Your bunny slippers are adorable and Mr. B wins the best hubby award for getting you that beautiful lavender plant. He’s sweet! Also, we are going next week to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 IMAX next week and can’t wait to see baby Groot. I know I’m going to cry just because he’s going to be so cute and I’ll want to grab him and take him home but I won’t be able to ‘cos he’s in a movie and not real. Life sucks! lol!
    karrie @ Tasty Ever After recently posted…Mexican Street Corn Potato SaladMy Profile

    • Girl Heart Food says:

      Woo hoo! Thanks girl! Mr. B is definitely a sweetheart 😉 I’ll have to make him something yummy with it! I can’t wait to see that movie…only a few days for us and I know baby Groot is going to steal the show; I’ll probably (definitely) cry too! xoxo

  7. Milena | says:

    A delicious and eventful month of April for you Dawn! The site of your wedding pics is absolutely inspiring. Cannot get over the ice still floating near the rocks. Wow! What a perfect spot for a picnic too, does it get warm enough? Probably windy on most days…Love such scenery, inevitably makes me want to eat something worthy of it:) Keep the recipes coming:)
    Milena | recently posted…Beer Cheese & Jalapenos Grilled Cheese (Nacho Liberte)My Profile

  8. annie@ciaochowbambina says:

    I always look forward to your Monthly Favorites post! Everything you have going on here is spectacular but that grilled cheese makes me want to cry out of happiness! That’s so funny (and unbelievable) about the tomatillos seeing as I just discovered them a few years ago! 😉 They weren’t a popular ingredient in my Italian household growing up! But I love them now! Thanks for another wonderful, inspiring month! April’s always a good one! Have a great week, my friend! XOXO
    annie@ciaochowbambina recently posted…Sweet Pea Pesto Penne RigateMy Profile

  9. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    Aaaaaack! I didn’t realize it was May until RIGHT NOW! How are we here already? How? FYI, I’m still swooning over your Mini Egg Bundt Cake. It’s the cutest! (Or tied, with your slippers and your puppy.) Your wedding pics must be stunning. That shot you posted is so dramatic and beautiful–the perfect backdrop for a wedding photo :). Hope you have a wonderful week, Dawn!
    Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen recently posted…Chocolate Chip Crumb Coffee CakeMy Profile

  10. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    Happy May, lady! Seriously though. MAY!? How did THAT happen?! You had SOOO much deliciousness going on here this past month! I’m still swooning over that Chili Pasta Bake though! I think I need an entire vat of that for dinner tonight. Because Monday, right?! 🙂 YAY to busting out the spring shoes!! I know you have been waiting for that moment, so I’m glad the season has finally arrived in your parts! And those slippers?!?? LOVE THEM!!!!! I want a pair! That pic of your fur baby chilaxing is just the sweetest. I needed that today, so thank you for sharing! OH, and thank you so much for the gravlax love, girl! I’m honored! MWAH! Cheers, sweets!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Honey Sesame Salmon with Asian Black Rice Salad & Carrot-Ginger SauceMy Profile

    • Girl Heart Food says:

      Definitely need comfort food on Monday….and lots and lots of coffeeeeee 😉 Thanks so much, Cheyanne! And happy to include your recipe – it’s too good not to! xo

  11. Gayle @ Pumpkin 'N Spice says:

    Happy May, Dawn! Looks like you had a delicious April! That chili pasta bake is calling my name. And yay for a lavender plant! My aunt used to have one and I always loved it. I always see previews for Fargo and it actually looks pretty good! I haven’t seen the other seasons, so I like that I can just jump right into the third. And I read that in the Food Network magazine about tomatoes, crazy, huh? Yay for cute slippers! I also love fun socks and slippers, so those are adorable. Hope you have a great Monday!

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